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For dealing with all urgent lock and key problems quickly, use our 24-7 services at Locksmith Epping.

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It’s awful to be stuck outside of your car, home or office or to be unable to lock them. These problems are not only annoying. They are serious and urgent as well. The sooner they are resolved the better.24-7 Services

Lost Car Key Solution

It is best to stick with your car to ensure that no one will use the missing key to drive off to the sunset. The lockout situation is frustrating, but with the right opening technique, you will be able to get inside your car in no time. To prevent the use of the lost key, the ignition has to be rekeyed or replaced. If it’s in poor condition, changing it will be the better solution. The replacement key must have an exact cut shank and a transmitter chip. It will require programming to work with the vehicle.

Lock Change

This is one of the most common solutions to urgent problems. If the lock is greatly damaged as a result of an accident or break-in, it should be replaced. Similarly, there is no point in fixing or rekeying a worn or outdated lock because it won’t offer a sufficiently high level of security. The replacement lock should be strong and durable. Ideally, it will be more advanced than the previous one. It will have higher resistance to picking, drilling, snapping and other techniques used by burglars. Accurate fitting is essential.

Door Closer Fix

If the door cannot be closed because of this device, the problem requires immediate resolution. Dryness and lubricant leaks are some of the most common problems which can be fixed quickly. Rust can be removed, but corroded components will require replacement just like broken ones. One of the key things for successful repair is the accurate adjustment of the door closer.

Need help for a lock or key problem quickly? Count on us at Locksmith Epping to fix it professionally in the shortest possible time. We’re mobile and quick. Our 24-7 services range from lockout assistance to the repair and replacement of all types of locks and keys. To take advantage of any of them, call us right away.

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