How to Identify Lock Parts

How to Identify Lock Parts

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Learning more about door locks and their parts is essential when you're looking for new ones, need spare parts or want to know how secure the entrance of your home is. There are certainly variations among them since they range from simple latches to high security locks. You will choose different locks for main entrances and for internal doors, patio doors or windows. What's most important is security. For this reason, having security doors in combination with the right bolt is necessary. Additionally, it would also be useful to take care of them. Whether you have mechanical or digital systems, their repair and maintenance are both important according to Locksmith Epping. So, let's get a closer glimpse of some main locking systems.How to Identify Lock Parts

Take a closer look at your locks 

The simplest form of mechanical locks would have a tumbler, door knob, pins and springs. Once the key is inserted, the springs would be compressed and the pins will move so that they will allow the full entrance of the key and of its turning. Things are not very different with deadlocks. When keys are involved, the mechanism works in a similar way. Though, the more sophisticated the lock the higher the security. Dead bolts can have one or two cylinders. In the case of the former, they will open with a key from the exterior part and have a lever or knob on the internal part. With two cylinders, you will have to use a key at both sides. 

Apart from the main lock mechanism, there are also plates. These ones are attached to the door and then the main lock part is attached on them. One of the most important parts of deadlocks is the bolt. This is the tongue that comes out from the side of the door. It must come all the way out and be long enough to be inserted to the hole at the strike plate. This is what secures the door. Its sufficient length, good condition and proper operation will ensure the door locks perfectly and that the door cannot be easily kicked down or open with the use of a card. The latter would be possible if the bolt is short or not properly inserted in the strike plate. With some efforts, a card can push the bolt back and open the door. 

The strike plate is also an essential part of security door locks. It's actually a metal plate, which is mounted on the doorframe with screws. It has a small hole at the centre so that the bolt can be inserted. So, it's also important to dig the right size hole in the door jamb as well. Actually, in order for the door to secure properly the strike plate must be perfectly aligned with the bolt of the mechanism. Loose screws will create alignment problems and, thus, security issues and in this case lock repair will be needed. Security problems are not always the lock's fault. It's equally critical to often check the alignment and condition of the door, too. 

The key is the means with which locks work. This is your basic tool. When the correct key is used, the internal parts of the lock draw back to create space so that the door would lock or unlock. In the case of electric locks, the key won't be the only means to open the door. Such advanced dead bolts have a keypad and allow entrance when the right code is entered. They additionally have a wired motor with an electric circuit board, which allows to the bolt to recognize specific codes. 

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