How to Remove an Antique Mortise Door Lock

How to Remove an Antique Mortise Door Lock

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If you are living in an old house, chances are you still have those antique mortise door locks installed. While these locks truly add beauty and appealto your main door, they can be tricky at times because they can easily develop issues and problem because of the fact that they have been around for so long. Lock replacement can be made if you want to enhance the security of your home. These old locks can be removed to have new high security locks installed instead. Before reading the following step by step guide, we must advise you not to attempt the removal unless you have the proper tools and knowledge to do so. You might end up causing damage too expensive and bothersome to repair. Remember you can always call Locksmith Epping – we are always at your service.How to Remove an Antique Mortise Door Lock

How to Remove Antique Mortise Door Lock

Loosen the screw. The base of the inner handle of your door knob has a screw on it. Locate the screw and loosen it. Do not loosen the screw fully; simply do it to the point that the handle itself turns freely on the spindle.

Remove one knob from the spindle. Once the screw is loosened and the handle can be turned easily, unscrew the handle from the spindle. Be very careful not to drop the handle. You would not want to ruin your antique door handle, would you?

Remove the spindle from the door. You now have one handle in your hands. To completely remove the lock from the door, you need to remove the other one. To do this, simply pull it out from the door. This outer handle has the door spindle attached to it. The spindle is long piece of metal with threads on it to hold the knobs together.

Remove the locks. You have now removed both doorknobs. To finish the job, unscrew the lock from the door. The screws are found at the door side where the latch is located. Completely remove the screws to free the lock mechanism from the door. Just remember to remove any paint from the lock face before loosening the screws. You can use a razor or sharp knife to do this. Removing the paint will ensure that the paint work on the wood remains intact when you remove the locks.

Once the old lock has been removed, new lock installation can be done. Deadbolt installation is recommended for homes as deadbolts provide better security. You can choose a single cylinder, a double cylinder deadbolt or a combination of the two. A single cylinder deadbolt can be opened from the outside using only the right key. It then has the usual knob from the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to be opened both from the outside and inside the house. You would also find deadbolts that can be opened with a key from the outside and has the option to be opened with only a key or using the knob from the inside.

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