UPVC Door Locks

UPVC door locks will not keep your house secure if they malfunction. Let the specialists of Locksmith Epping repair or replace them for you.

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Every property owner must provide proper care to their UPVC door locks. If something goes wrong with either the door or the lock, the property's security is compromised as these cases are just what burglars are looking for.

Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksThe signs of trouble are always pretty clear. If the key is impossible to insert into the keyhole or you have to jiggle it multiple times to turn it in either direction, the issue lies with the cylinder. If it cannot be adjusted and fixed, it is replaced with a new one. Stuck bolt and difficulties with operating the handle may be due to worn or faulty locking mechanism. In this case, lock change is typically the most effective solution. Smaller issues such as stuck dirt and freezing are resolved with cleaning and lubrication.

UPVC Door Adjustment

When the door does not fit the frame as perfectly as it should, it cannot be closed and locked properly. That is why misalignment has to be fixed without delay. It is usually caused by loose hinges. To resolve the problem, they are accurately adjusted. If one or more hinges are severely damaged or broken, they are replaced. It is easy to check if there is perfect alignment between the door and the frame. You simply need to look at the mitres at the top to see whether they form a straight line.

Lock Replacement

A greatly damaged lock has to be replaced with a new one straight away. This is also applicable to every worn and outdated device. A lockset which is highly vulnerable to picking or snapping offers a much lower level of protection than one that is resistant to these opening techniques. The actual replacement work involves removing the old device and fitting and adjusting the new one. There must be perfect alignment between the bolt and the strike receiver.

If you are having issues with either your UPVC door or lock, count on our assistance!We are Locksmith Epping are available round the clock and are well familiar even with the most advanced locksets used at present. Get in touch with us by phone or simply leave a message online.

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